Management Accounting

Integrates accounting systems, financial results and operational processes in order to supply management with the live and relevant information required to manage any business successfully.


Business Process Improvement

By improving your Core Business Processes, you have the potential to enhance your product and/or service offering and thereby increase the value shared amongst all stakeholders.


Cash flow Management

In today’s fast paced and complex environment, businesses need agility to stay competitive. Cash flow is critical to staying afloat during tough times and provides leverage during good times.


Cost Reduction

Tough times in business may lead you to implement cost-cutting strategies. Even businesses that are profitable can benefit from cost reduction strategies and create even higher profit margins.


Many businesses do not have the time, the resources or the expertise to prepare their own monthly financial Management Accounting reports. Also, to hire a full time qualified and Certified Management Accountant will cost your organization in the range of N$800 000- N$1 200 000 per annum, that’s if you can find one in Namibia.

Costing / Accounting systems

Accounting Systems provide control and information which gives you accurate, real-time information of the performance of your company..


Internal Risk Analysis

In every organization and industry there are always opportunities and risks which needs to be taken into consideration when strategic decisions are made.


Contribution / Profit Analysis

Improve business performance by identifying areas which have potential for improvement and where your strengths lie as an advantage over your competition.


Budgeting / Forecasting

The Budgeting and Forecasting process is used to achieve your company’s performance goals and objectives and serves as your master strategic and tactical tool